What should change?-Women’s clothing or men’s mindset

Now days, women and even the innocent girl children are being physically abused. In these cases, the woman can be called a victim while the abuser or man can be called a perpetrator. Most of the people in our society usually blame the victim, especially their clothing. They never put any obstruction to the negative thoughts of the perpetrators. In some places, women are not allowed to wear clothes of their own choice. They are forced to wear saris, salwar suits etc.Men are not obstructed to do anything. They have the right to wear anything they will to.

Well, according to me the thoughts of these people of our society are very cheap. There should not be discriminates between a female and a male. They should have equal rights. Women can wear anything they wish to. It is the mindset of the men that has to change. Girls wearing saris to girls wearing torn shorts have no intention to attract men. They get ready for themselves, for their friends and not for these negative minded perpetrators. Women have been given all rights equal to that of men and we are no one to provide obstructions to these rights.

Women are who gives birth to us. Men should respect them as the person to whom he is born, is also a woman. Before trying to misuse a girl child or a woman, he should stop and think twice about his mother or sister. They might be in danger just like the one he is trying to abuse. I am sure on thinking so; he would not proceed further and commit a sin which has no forgiveness. Violence is not the solution to all problems. We need not be violent if boys are taught to respect girls since their very childhood .They should not be taught that boys do not cry, they should be taught that boys do not make girls cry.


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